Couches and Accidents

I just recieved a phone call from my brother. His fiancee was in a car accident earlier today. She is fine, a little stiff and sore but otherwise safe. Apparently she was follow a truck pulling a trailer with a couch on it. The idiot driving the vehicle decided that it was above him to properly tie the couch down to the trailer. As you have probably already figured out the couch fell off the trailer. I’m not sure if her vehicle was hit by the couch but she ended up crossing into the median lane then up the other side and across the on-coming traffic lanes (thankfully there was no one coming or they saw what was happening and slowed down or stopped). The car eventually came to rest in the ditch beside the on-coming traffic.
I’ve been in a high speed accident before but my friends and I were lucky as well. It still shakes you up because if any one variable had been changed (ie. density of vehicles etc.) myself and/or my friends wouldn’t be here today.
I’m glad she is okay. The car is in pretty rough shape. Plus the idiot whose trailer the couch fell off of didn’t stop so the cops are searching for him. They have the couch as a clue and will likely be able to find him. I hope when they find this person s/he is charged. I doubt he will be charged with much but under different circumstances s/he could have taken a life. Stupid jerks.

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  1. Can I at least get my couch back?

  2. Ha ha 🙂 The cops actually said that if they don’t find the owner of the couch they may get a new one for free 🙂 I don’t know if that’s what would actually happen but from what I heard it was a pretty nice expensive couch which leads me to believe that they should be able to find the place that sold it and find the owner of the vehicle.