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I’ve been having weird dreams lately. I know I had several last week but the only one I really remember is that my brother and his girlfriend ended up having a baby. I was happy but it was kind of weird since they aren’t married and haven’t even talked about getting married.
Last night I dreamed that a weblogger ran away from home and came to live with my family. I don’t know this weblogger and I chatted with her once in the Quack-O-Matic on Weblog Wannabe. I read her blog but that is about it. I don’t remember why she ran away and why she ended up coming to my parents house. Very very weird. It was also weird because I think I fell in love with her during the dream.
I was searching around to find out what some of these dreams meant and stumbled across a couple of Dream Dictionaries. They didn’t seem to help me much so I still don’t know what my dreams mean. Oh well. I guess their means will remain a secret.

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  1. I wonder if the baby dream has got something to do with what we talked about last week. Hmmm… Oh, and who’s that mysterious weblogger whom you fell in love with in last night’s dream? I don’t think it’s weird because we’re addicted to reading blogs. I’ve had dreams about webloggers too. Heh. 😉
    I went through the dream URLs and found this to be quite useful. I hope it works on me tonight. 🙂
    How to see Good Dreams http://www.dreeems.com/mainlinks/dreamtips.php

  2. I have noticed that my dreams are related to what I did or talked about soon. Maybe it was my desire to be an uncle that was shining through. I really don’t understand the other dream.
    I don’t know if I believe all that spiritual dream mumbo-jumbo. It not that I am open to it, it’s just that my mind is much to scientific to accept it readily. 🙂