F.U. MT Blacklist

So I hate the new version of MT Blacklist with a passion. Oh and I also ended up deleting about 50 some comments. Thanks to everyone know commented but apparently I’m a f’ing idiot. It’s too bad I haven’t backed it up in ages. Damn it!!
Oh and while I’m hating programs. Our server installed a new version of the HORDE (the email client) and I despise it to no end – specifically because it takes 5 clicks to blacklist emails and apply the blacklist instead of the 2 it use to take). Userability jerks. Keep that in mind.

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  1. You know, I quit using MT about a year ago, and I haven’t really looked back. There are, ok, maybe less sophisticated programs out there, but it’s nice when you have more control over things anyway. I hated that stupid blacklist thing too.

  2. Bah, MT-Blacklist 2.x is good enough for me. But I agree with you on the new version of Horde – it seems slower than the old one too.

  3. Why exactly do you hate the new version of MT Blacklist? I’m thinking of upgrading my MT, but I’m not sure if I want to do that if the blacklist sucks.