Feist and the Great Lake Swimmers @ Center in the Square (December 4, 2007)

The Great Lake Swimmers and Feist. It couldn’t have been a better Tuesday night.
Firda and I headed down to the Center in the Square for the highly anticipated show. Not just for Feist (who most Canadians has at least heard of and who some Americans may know as the artist from the iPod Video commercial) but for the Great Lake Swimmers.
We arrived at the venue around 7:00, when the doors opened, and could hear the Great Lake Swimmers warming up in the auditorium. The anticipation built from that point – we couldn’t wait and we weren’t disappointed.
The Great Lake Swimmers started the show and from the moment the music started we were blown away. The music was mesmerizing. I found it hard to believe that they could be even better in person then they were on CD. They were only on the stage for 30 minutes (around 6 songs), which disappointed both of us. They also didn’t play our favorite song “I Will Never See The Sun” but that’s okay.
After a half hour intermission/stage setup break Feist took the stage. The first song she performed behind a sheet of white paper using a light to illuminate her silhouette. The show went from low-keyed version of some of her more famous songs (Mushaboom, Gatekeeper etc) to high energy versions of some of her newer songs (1 2 3 4, I Feel It All etc.). Feist is the quintessential Canadian rock goddess, with the ability to mellow down when needed. She’s like the female version of Bryan Adams – if Bryan Adams was cool.
She played for a good hour and half – with one amazing encore (the first song of the encore was amazing – she rocked out with her guitar and kicked everyone’s ass – she even had the Great Lake Swimmers come out and provide backups). Throughout the show they used Shadow Puppetry for visuals – a very interesting effect, which I feel gave the show an even cooler feel.
If you get the chance you should see Feist and/or the Great Lake Swimmers.
Our next big show is Hayden in January. Another amazing Canadian artist.
Check out the following links for some Feist and Great Lake Swimmers goodness!
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