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Naked Burglar Caught
An Oregon man who sneaked into an apartment, stripped down and got into bed with a women was caught after being chased out of the house by the women’s boyfriend. How was he caught? He left his wallet, with his driver’s license, in his pants which he left on the floor of the apartment he snuck into.
Two questions. Why did he get into bed with the women when her boyfriend was obviously in the bed as well? And why did he take his wallet with him when he was going to do this, unless he just came up with this idiotic idea on the spur of the moment. Stupid stupid people.

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  1. Brilliant.
    This reminds me of a story I heard a couple years ago about a would-be robber who demanded money from a convenience store clerk. When the clerk refused to give it up and threatened the robber, the robber responded by calling the police!
    The robber was apprehended.