Friday Five – April 26. 2002

The Friday Five for this week:
1. What are your hobbies?
Reading. I do a lot of reading and playing computer games.
2. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I collect almost anything that has to do with information 🙂 As I’ve divulged before I have an extensive music collection, mostly CDs and records. I have a lot of books, that I have read and are on the to be read list. When I was younger I use to collect comic books but they just got so darn expensive. I also have a lot of video tapes and DVDs.
3. Is there a hobby you’re interested in, but just don’t have the time/money to do?
Can’t really think of one. A part of me would like to become a pilot but I don’t think that is going to happen.
4. Have you ever turned a hobby into a moneymaking opportunity?
My comic collection is aging and hopefully becoming more valuable. I don’t think you can call it a hobby when it makes you money.
5. Besides web-related stuff (burbs, rings, etc.), what clubs do you belong to?
I’m not in any clubs. I use to be. I was a Beaver, a Cub and a Scout. I was in a club or two in high school. I never joined any in University. I didn’t have the time. I would like to find a good club to join so I can meet new people.

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  1. Just testing the comments.

  2. Maybe you should go to bingo to meet friends…
    You could get one card, and an oversized dabber that dabs the entire card. Then call BINGO every time on of your numbers comes up.
    People would hate you, except for that one person that you see across the smoke filled room. A young woman with the same brand of novelty bingo dabber as you.
    She will walk across the room and compliment you on your string of wins. It will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You will spend the rest of that night dabbing the town red (Literally), and when you are out of ink, both of you will swear never to play bingo again.
    You will however sing the Bingo the dog song in a number of sexy and enticing ways over the following weeks.
    Eventually you will have babies and one of them will be called Troy Junior. But you will both call him “TroJu” for short.
    The world in my head is odd today…