Friday Five – July 5th, 2002

Friday Five for the week:
1. Where are you right now?
At school/work trying to goof off until lunchtime because my mind is still reeling from the conversation I had with my supervisor yesterday. 🙂
2. What have you lost recently?
I lost a bunch of specimens that I need for my thesis. I think they’ve been missing for a while but I just noticed it yesterday. I don’t know where they could have went. I might have to rerun the experiments!!!!
3. What was the first CD you ever purchased?
This is a difficult one. I have around 500+ CD’s right now and trying to remember which was the first. Some of the earlier ones I remember are the first I Mother Earth album (Canadian band), Inxs “Kick” (which is still a great album) or Monty Python Sings (which is hillarious). I don’t think any of those where my first CD but they were pretty close.
4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen?
No real preference. Anything that works.
5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Anything with chocolate or mango or strawberry or banana. I don’t want to choose a favorite!!!! You can’t make me!!!

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  1. Firda

    Well, you’re always craving for chocolate so I’m sure chocolate is your favourite flavour. Pffft 😛