Friday Five – June 21, 2002

Yipee. A new Friday Five. I realize there was one last week but I didn’t feel like doing it on Monday.
1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?
I live in a 3-bedroom townhouse with two other guys. Two stories (plus a basement), two bathrooms (one with a shower), the main floor has a kitchen, dining room and living room. It’s actually quite spacious.
2. Do you rent or own?
Rent. I’m still a starving student. I don’t have the money to own a house and/or I don’t know where I plan on settling.
3. Does anyone else live with you?
Two other guys. Both of them work while I go to school. One of them was in my undergraduate class.
4. How many times have you moved in your life?
Oh jeez. 14 times in total. The first time was with my parents when we moved from the lovely town of Cambridge Ontario to the lovely hamlet of Wilsonville Ontario. The other 13 times are due to the co-op program I was in in University. I went to school for four months and then worked for 4 months. I did this for 4-2/3 years until I graduated. The moves weren’t always to new places. For the last 5 school terms I lived at the same place so I wasn’t moving into a new house, though I was still moving.
5. What are your plans for this weekend?
Hey I don’t have to post a seperate blog entry for this 🙂 I am once again going to my parents place. Tonight I don’t have any plans (other than maybe watching a movie or something like that). Saturday I have a buck and doe for two friends who are getting married at the end of July. Should be a night filled with music, drinks and fun. At least drinks for other people.

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  1. Firda

    14 times? Wow. I’ve only moved twice in my entire life. Well, thrice is you count the time we moved to another town for a few months, which I can’t seem to recall since I was probably only two years old at the time.
    Anyway, have a safe drive home and have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Actually it would be 15 if I added the time we moved when I was a couple months old. But like you I don’t remember it.

  3. You moved 14 times? Phew… Hope I don’t have to move house in the near future, because it was so tiring carrying stuff and arranging the furniture again.
    Enjoy your weekend and see ya next week! 🙂

  4. 14. Wow. Moving is a pain in the a$$. However sometimes it’s a must. Finding a good env & good neighbours is really a task. Given a choice I’d be a hermit on an island. And live a total of 30 days. Then die.