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Fun and interesting! It’s the Googlimage Meme, stolen from Blogography (which as you might notice is in my Blogroll).
1. The place you grew up
I did most of my growing up (from age 7 to 19) in Wilsonville, Ontario. The photo in the picture shows the Wilsonville Cemetery sign, which is a couple houses down from where I live. I have yet to see ghosts or zombies there. I’m kind of reliv-pointed, which is a combination of being relieved and disappointed.
2. The place you live now
Firda and I are currently living in Waterloo, Ontario. I’ve been living here, on and off, since 1995 when I started university. The photo shows a map to Waterloo and an indicator of where we are in the world with respect to everyone else.
3. Your Name
Troy is my name. It is also the name of an ancient city. Thus the picture.
4. Your grandmother’s name.
My father’s mothers name is Maria. My mom’s mothers name is Mary. The photo of the virgin Mary (or Maria) works for both names.
5. Your favorite food.
It took me a while to decide on this one. Though I think chocolate cake is my most favorite food in the world. Unless you feed too much of it to me. Then I get sick.
6. Your favorite drink.
Going with the chocolate theme I select the Chocolate milk shake. Mmmmm. Milk shake. The one thing at McDonalds that doesn’t make me feel sick after having it.
7. Your favorite song.
Another difficult question. My car stereo is currently broken so I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio. Before that I was semi-obsessed with a song called 2010 by Cornelius. It sounds kind of like classical music if it was written and played in NES video games. The picture is the only one that given you a feel as to what Cornelius music is like.
8. Your favorite smell.
There are a lot of smells I enjoy, though the smell of bacon ranks close to the top.
9. Your favorite shoes.
I have a pair of Lugz shoes that look like bowling shoes. They are the most comfortable things but they’ve been through a lot. I’ve pretty much retired them. I haven’t replaced them yet either. The photo shows a pair of Lugz, similar in style to my pair but not the same colour.
10. Your favorite number.
The number five is apparently my favorite number. Whenever someone asks me a question I don’t know (or a rhetorical question) the answer is usually five. I was please to find the picture used for this selection since it is from Natalie Dee, who is a very funny web comic.
The End.

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  1. I turned vegetarian almost 20 years ago, and the smell of cooking meat kind of makes me sick to my stomach now… except bacon. I smell bacon cooking and think back fondly to those days I’d go to a breakfast buffet and eat nothing but plates of bacon. Between bacon and pepperoni, I sometimes come very close to becoming un-vegetarian!