Have you ever? Meme

Another meme – stolen from Blogography. It’s in the extended entry. Enjoy.

(x) Smoked a cigarette. Yes. Typically while intoxicated. I never made a habit of it.
( ) Crashed a friend

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  1. k&n

    We miss you too! I’m not being a serial lurker/commenter all of a sudden. Nasser is in York for two weeks teaching and I am procrastinating at home but I’m also skint so have no money to do anything. Shd be writing thesis… Anyway, Christmas is my favourite too – and we’ll be home again this year (can’t wait!).
    I shd probably get my own blog as I kinda feel one sided here…but I have a nasty suspicion that my thesis wd suddenly suffer even more. Besides, i likely wdn’t be any good at it and just fill the Net with more crap.