Heeeeere’s Troy!

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting all weekend. I went home for the weekend. I wasn’t really planning on going home (to my parents place) but my hard drive started making funny noises and I decided to get it looked at so I went home. The weekend was fun but it wasn’t anything extraordinary. One of my friends made a wasted trip to Waterloo on Friday only to have me tell him I was going home for the weekend. We did eat at the Mongolian Grill, which I hope made it up to him. We then went back to his place and watch “Not Another Teen Movie”. It had some very funny moments but it was a parody movie so don’t expect much if you do see it.
Saturday night we hung out at his place again. Didn’t end up doing much. I finally saw a friend of mine who has been travelling in the East for the past half year (by East I mean Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.). He gave me this cute little sitting Smiling Buddha made out of some reddish stone. I’m not sure what the stone is called but it’s very nice.
Sunday a group of us went to see the new Spiderman movie. If you want a quick synopsis go and read Nita’s comments about it. I liked the movie. It was a little corny and mushy at times and occasionally the computer graphics were a little overpowering but it was a good movie. I didn’t have any expectations for the movie so I couldn’t be disappointed.

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  1. Fiddy

    the grill made up for it troy, plus it seemed to make my weekend feel longer which is a good thing….