High Heel Flip-Flops

I just saw a TV segment about these high heel flip-flops. They cost 85 USD and looks like they could be made out of an existing pair of flip-flops and a little peice of rubber or plastic. If I had a wife and she bought a pair of these shoes I would tell her to return them and/or I would run out and buy that 85 dollar beanie propellor hat I’ve always wanted (or maybe three of them since they don’t really cost 85 dollars each) 🙂

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  1. Aside from the fact that those look ugly and way overpriced, they also appear to be extremely uncomfortable.

  2. those are ugly as sin. plus, how could you possibly walk in those things without breaking your ankle? my fave will be when all the stars start wearing them, calling them the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever owned.

  3. Shane

    I like high heel flip flops because I think their hot when girls wear them.