Holy Lack of Posts Batman!!!

Sorry about the several day absence of yours truly. I’ve been busy. Most of my time has been spent working on my thesis, reading and a little bit of that time has been spent playing computer games. I’m a gamer. There is no cure.
So I have a thesis update for anyone who cares. I got two sections back from my sueprvisor who was reading over them for me. His comments were “well written and organized” which is a big boost for my motivation. There are a bunch of minor revisions that I need to add and then those two sections are ready for the printers (or at least my readers). I’ve also been working on a experimental model for the stuff I’m looking at. I was always afraid of models but I kind of like them. They are making me think which is kind of fun 🙂 I still have a long ways to go before I’m finished but I’m feeling better about my thesis.
Now I just have to start apply for and find a job before I have to move home. If I have to move home for a while I won’t have 24 hour access to the web. Then I won’t be able to blog/surf/ICQ etc very often. That would make me sad. 🙁
So that’s what I’m up to. How about you?

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  1. Firda

    Yay for the thesis! 🙂
    Now if only I could get motivated to start writing the readme.txt for my design before I send it off to the client… I’ve promised him that the design is going to be ready today and there’s only one hour left of today but I still don’t know what to write in the silly readme.txt *sigh*