I Have A Theory

I have a theory right now that the north american immune system differs from the indonesian immune system since Firda has a coughing cold and thankfully I haven’t caught it yet. Fingers crossed – knock on wood – no walking under ladders etc. etc.. Or maybe I haven’t caught it because I’ve been taking proactive measures (ie. plying myself with Vitamin C and Echinacea).
I also found out that Durians are the worst smelling fruit on the face of the earth. Or at least the durian candies Firda brought me are quite horrible. I can see the “rotting onions” analogy. Plus the taste stays in your mouth for hours. Horrible horrible stuff.
So we ended up sleeping most of yesterday away. Too tired to do anything. Firda woke up around 5 in the morning and had breakfast. I fell asleep while she ate and woke up close to 9:30. We got up. Had something more to eat and then Firda got tired again so we went back to bed and didn’t get up until close to 5:00 pm, which really screwed my system up. We then went for a drive to see the autumn colours (since they don’t get the colour changes in Indonesia) and then off to dinner at Swiss Chalet. After dinner we went home and watched a bunch of TV (including half of Cold Case, Desperate Housewives and a show about Noah and the flood on TLC). Then off to bed again.
Today we are on a mission to find some good cough medicine and a heavier coat for her. Hope everyone else is having a good Monday. Ciao.

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  1. Laura

    Glad you guys are having a nice reunion, I recommend a columbia coat because of the three layers it has, and it can be a spring coat too.
    One a weird note I did your friday q thing, and typed in my name and the other things and a suicide site came up. Weird and creepy.
    thank you.

  2. Durian is not really that bad. You should try the actual fruit, it’s nicer than the candies. Well, maybe it’s an acquired taste kind of thing. Hope that Firda recovers from her cough and cold soon. 🙂

  3. you will either love or hate durians. It’s too in-your-face for me but my mom likes them.

  4. The store across the street from my house sells durians. I haven’t been able to bring myself to try one, because I hear they smell really strongly of sulphur. Thinking of maybe cracking one open in the bathroom…
    They have durian flavoured cookies, however, and I may have to try them, just out of curiosity. I seriously doubt they stink as bad.

  5. mmmm. I can go for some swiss chalet right now….

  6. The picture shown is not one of durian. They are cross between durian and jack fruit. I found this picture of Durian. Impressive, eh? You should try the real thing.

  7. sanhen

    when i arrived in melbourne i learned a lesson: indonesian and australian cold is not the same. need to be treated differently using australian medicine. the case might be the same for canadian cold.
    as for durian. personally i think they have a nice smell heheh. but that maybe coz i grow up with it. my father customer sometime give a big sacks of durian as a gift. fresh cut from the tree. yummy.

  8. Oh weird… I thought they were just bagged durians. They sell them in bunches like that in the store across the street from my house, but now that I look closer at them, they aren’t in mesh bags at all. Yeah, that definitely is jackfruit.
    Still, durians are just reisty.

  9. I used to wears sandals and stomp on durians to open it.
    But, then I know it has some alcohols. I don’t enjoy it anymore… but I do think it’s okay (the smell), because the fruit itself tasted very nice. If you don’t mind the inner texture of the fruit, you can eat it. 😀