Inspector Gadget

When I was in public school my morning usually started around 7:20 or so. My mom would get my brother and I out of bed, we would stumble our way to the kitchen where we would turn on the TV. One of our favorite morning shows was Inspector Gadget. We would be able to watch the whole show, and run out to catch the school bus at 8:10.
This morning, while waiting for the alarm clock to go off, I was thinking about this childhood fascination with Inspector Gadget. I knew that it wasn’t a great show. I knew it wasn’t a realistic show. I don’t even know if I enjoyed most of the stories. So why did I keep watching it? The same reason everyone else did. We all wanted to see the face of Dr. Claw. I wanted to see it so bad that I tried never to miss an episode.
At some point during the year the TV station showing Inspector Gadget decided to move it to the 8:00 – 8:30 timeslot. This was devastating. They were going to show Dr Claw’s face and I had no way of knowing when they did it and what he looked like.
Eventually my fascination decreased and I stopped caring about the show. I knew they never revealed Dr. Claw’s face, so I didn’t miss anything. Then a year or so ago I remember seeing this link where his face was finally revealed. Kind of disappointing.
In my next “childhood TV memory” I will complain about how there was never a discrepancy in the Astroboy recap at the end of the show. 🙂

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  1. That’s Dr. Claw Eh.
    (This is where the inner child in me walks away into the sunset with that sad song that played at the end of the incredible hulk episodes…the lonely man theme…
    Good bye little inner child…you’ve been disappointed for the last time….