Joe Lieberman Wants You!

Apparently Joe Lieberman really wants people to visit his website and vote for him, even if they are Canadians. Seems someone is referral spamming people with his website and not taking into account their geographical location (and whether they can even vote for Joe). I don’t actually mind getting referral spammed by this website. At least they aren’t pounding my server a couple times a minute, unlike the guy (or girl or company) from Australia who were doing exactly that early last week.
What I do mind is the fact that spamming has invaded all aspects of webpages, especially personal ones. I really think at some point in the future people will stop using the internet for personal communication. We will turn back to phones and written letter on paper. We will get so sick and tired of spam that we just won’t be able to deal with it any longer. At that point the internet will only be good for viewing sales ads and porn. Actually I would imagine the majority of the web is being used for those two purposes right now. Enough ranting though. It’s lunch time!!! Food always wins out over complaining!! 🙂

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  1. You might want to have a look at an entry I wrote on the subject, and especially the comments and trackbacks to it. It seems like a third party is doing this ‘on behalf’ of all of the democrat candidates. They have also done it ‘on behalf’ of the RIAA.

  2. Thanks for the info Neil. I’m not too concerned about it at this point. Besides it will give me the illusion (delusion) that my site is actually popular 🙂

  3. Firda

    I don’t know about you but I think the spammer is getting annoying. May I do something about it server-side or would you prefer doing your own detective work to stop them? 😉

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