Living Arrangments

Remember the Friday Five way back in June where one of the questions was “How many times have you moved in your life?“. At that point the answer was 14. Since then I’ve moved back home and then back up to Waterloo which could change the total to 16. Along the same line of thought a couple weeks ago when I went to Toronto a friend told me how many different people she had lived with during her undergraduate education. This got me thinking about the number of different people I’ve lived with since starting university. It took a while and I realize that I forget a couple of names but in total to present I’ve lived with 29 different people (this doesn’t include anyone from residence in first year). Out of all those people I think there were two or three that I didn’t really like. As well I think in living with those 29 people I only really got 3 or 4 of them pissed off at me for some reason, though in most cases it was just a little problem that was quickly resolved. Really I’m quite an easy person to get along with. 🙂
So how many people have you lived with in your lifetime?

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  1. Wow, that took me a few minutes (I had to think through all of my moves, which are MANY!) and I came up with 31. Give or take a person. Most of them have been in the last 10 years or so, since I left home. Being in the military and moving a lot gave me the opportunity (most of the time I considered it that) to meet a lot of people.
    Good question!

  2. Angela, I figured you would have lived with a lot of people since I remember that the number of times you moved was significantly higher than mine. 🙂

  3. Just five other people – my parents and my siblings. Next year though, that will change when I go to college.

  4. Firda

    With the recent addition to the family, about a dozen people (can’t be too sure — I lived with a lot of different people when I was a wee little girl and too young to remember). I’ve pissed off parents and brothers royally but nothing really major, save for the problems with my dad. Well, I never pissed him off for a long time but he’s pissing me off most of the time. Brothers love me because I’m a good co-conspirator. Mum loves me because I make her laugh. Sometimes the baby nephew finds me extremely annoying but it’s only because I can’t take my hands off him. He’s just so cute and chubby and cuddly and a whole lot of other baby goodness 🙂

  5. 29 people! Good Lord, man, you’re a serial roommate.