Men With Brooms

Last night myself and a couple other graduate students I work with went to see the movie Men With Brooms. Most of you out there in “Blue Goo” reader land have probably never heard of this movie. The reason why you’ve never heard of it is due to the fact that it’s a Canadian movie and it’s all about curling. I’ve talked a lot about curling lately since I’ve played it twice this winter which is more than I’ve ever played it before. The movie was pretty good. It contained a lot of Canadiana which brought back memories. Specifically when they showed the start of a “Hinterland Who’s Who” which most Canadians will remember from seeing on CBC usually before or after Sesame Street during the day.
So in conclusion my verdict on this movie is that if you are a Canadian you will definitely like it. And if you aren’t Canadian you might still enjoy it if you can understand curling. They actually explain the game quite nicely at one point in the movie. There is a lot of beautiful Northern Canadian scenery throughout the movie as well. There are also tonnes and tonnes of beavers in the movie (no no, the animal you pervert!).
I don’t really think I could ever get paid to write movie reviews. I suck 🙂

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