Mother’s Day and the Weekend of the Pool

Another lovely weekend. The weather was amazing, with the sun shining all weekend and the temperature being comfortable (though maybe a little on the chilly side).
Saturday was spent working outside with my father fixing the pool. At the end of summer last year the pool my parents had broke (the side split open). They were thinking about taking the pool down but we talking him into fixing it up (since we love the pool). So we took the pool that broke and fixed it with components of the another pool we had then came up with a crazy pool hybrid. They just need to fill it up with water and then it should be swimworthy.
Firda and I spent Saturday night at my parents place. We stated watching Shopgirl, but we only watched half an hour before getting tired and headed to bed. An exciting Saturday night 🙂
Sunday was a relatively busy day. Firda and I took my mom out for Mother’s Day lunch. Following lunch we went for a Sunday drive down to Port Dover and had ice cream. We then packed up and headed back to Waterloo. It was a good weekend, though once again I got a lot of sun.
Now I’m just waiting for the Survivor finale. Can’t wait.

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