Mr. Buttons

Mister Buttons

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My parent’s dog, Buttons, passed away today. He was only four days shy of 16 years old.
While he wasn’t a “childhood” dog for me he did hold a special place in my heart. Before he was my parents dog he was my maternal grandmother’s dog. When she passed away my parents decided to take Mr. Buttons in. I believe he was around 6 years old when my parents took him in.
He had been having a hard time for the past couple of months. Having spells where he couldn’t maintain his balance. The vets weren’t sure what was causing these spells. Today something different happened. He started wheezing and struggling to breathe. They had an appointment with the vet around 11:30 today – but Mr. Buttons couldn’t hold on and passed away on the way to the vet.

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  1. she

    sending you and your family hugs. i will lose it when i lose any of our family pets. been through it twice before. hugs.

  2. Thanks She! He was old. I guess he is in a better place (wherever that is) and he doesn’t have to grow feebler. I think he also gave my parents a gift by passing away on the way to the vet since they would have had to decide whether to put him down or not when they got there. It would have been a tough decision.