Mr. Snuffleupagus

I use to watch Sesame Street all the time when I was younger. In the past couple of years I’ve caught a couple of the newer episodes. I like to think of these timelines as BE (Before Elmo) and AE (After Elmo) since I watched Sesame Street before the scourge know as Elmo was introduced. My favorite Sesame Street character was Snuffy the Snuffleupagus. For those of you who don’t know Snuffy is Big Bird’s best friend. For 14 years the adults of Sesame Street didn’t believe that Snuffy existed but on January 14th, 1985 he was finally seen by the adults.
In my internet travels I’ve discovered a darker side of Sesame Street. Apparently Snuffy was involved with a Sesame Street drug scandal since he is a suspected cocaine user. As well there have been allegations that Snuffy is a Elmo Molester. Apparently he is also a very angry malicious deity and will wipe out all non-believers. Possibly because of all the Anti-Snuffy propaganda that have been coming from the Pro-Elmo movement but mostly because people didn’t believe him.
With that said and done which is your favorite Sesame Street Character?

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  1. Heh, I’ve read about the drug scandals in Sesame Street. I grew up watching Sesame Street too. In fact, when I was a kid, I’d sit pretty close to the TV waiting for my favourite Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster devouring all his cookies. I liked him because he’s cute with blue (my favourite colour) poofy fur and always munching those huge and yummy looking cookies. 🙂

  2. we always called him Mr Snuffleupagus…never Snuffy. and i loved him….he was so adorable – Big Bird used to annoy the crap outta me. I liked the Cookie Monster too…

  3. I always had a liking for Grover. And we also referred to him as Mr. Sluffleupagus.
    Oscar was a hoot as well…

  4. snuff

    Where did Snuffalupagus come from?

  5. nicole

    omg i loved snuffleupagus. i grew up watching sesame street because its the best show ever. i love that song captain vegetable. its awesome.

  6. not me

    to my friends: its snuffleupagus with a “P” not an “F” geez you two…

  7. fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo fingerbang an orangatang an orgy at the zoo.
    Snuffleupagus had HIV and he got it from me.

  8. britt

    I love snuffy amd alice…I love cookie…I love Elmo…I love them all…Theyre all gr8!

  9. prarie dawn

    Snuffleupagus was supposed to be Big Bird’s imaginary friend until November 18, 1985 when after 14 years of slipping out of view every time a grown up neared, Snuffy was finally seen by the adults on Sesame Street. The show’s researchers asked the writers to have Snuffy discovered in fear that if the adults on the show continued to doubt Big Bird, children might get the message that even if they are telling the truth, grown ups may not believe them.

  10. Gibby

    I used to have the hots for the hispanic chick in Sesame Street. I often wondered if she ever got it on with any of the characters. Maybe a threesome with Bert and Ernie?

  11. Papa Fralz

    I cant believe there are other people out there like me, i love the sesame street gang (except maybe Telly). Awesome, rock on ppl, oh and why did u call him Mr. Snuffleupagus?? I dopnt get it??