My Sunday Post

It’s been a week since I posted my last blog entry. Not much to report.
This weekend Firda and I:
– went to a book sale in Elora (we don’t need more books but I can’t help it)
– went to a friends place in Guelph for dinner and hung out with them
– went to a 35th wedding anniversary for my aunt and uncle
– checked out a bunch of thrift/junk/antique stores
– taking Firda places to take pictures (Elora, Fergus, Guelph Arboretum etc etc.)
We had a good weekend, featuring a lot of sun. I know I’m red from all the sun, and I feel like I have a little sunburn. We are hoping next weekend is just as nice as this one was. I hope everyone had a good weekend, with lots of sun and fun with friends and family.

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  1. Sounds like a really nice weekend! Mine was nice as well, spent with family and friends. My only complaint is that it went by too quickly, as always.