New Server –

You may have noticed that the address at the top of the browser is not long That is due to my recent server move to Thanks to Wari and Nit for taking care of me since my blog’s day of birth. Thanks Firda for helping me with the set up (she did most of the server stuff – I have no idea how to do any of it). She and I are sharing the server space so look forward to some good stuff coming from her in the future from this domain! 🙂 In the meantime go and register at Haiku the Blog and post your own haiku.
Alright. Have fun. Until then!
P.S. Anyone who is linked to me if you could please change the address pointing to my site. I realize there is a redirect from the old site but it may not be there forever. Thanks.

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  1. Firda

    Okay, the problem with Haiku the Blog is fixed. It was just some lines I forgot to delete from the .htaccess in the root directory.

  2. I’m just curious where the “Blue Goo Ate My Mom” came from. Its very interesting.

  3. Chaddux: You know what. I’m not really sure. I don’t really remember the thought processes behind it. I was being coerced into starting a blog by several people who I won’t name (*cough* Nita and Firda *cough*) and needed to come up with a name quickly. This is the one I chose. I’m sure there was more of a thought process to it but I can’t remember. Stupid short term memory. 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t tell you a better story 🙂

  4. I thought maybe your poor mother was eaten by a smurf or something.