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I really shouldn’t be complaining about since the search results that point people to my blog are actually normal now. No more “aked-nay om-may” (which I don’t want to say since I will start getting them again). I actually got a lot of mother’s day traffic on this site, which is better than people wanting to see their mothers in their birthday suits.
Now for my rant. I really think before a person is allowed to use a search engine they should have to go through a rigorous 5 day training session that explains to them how to search for stuff on the internet. They must realize that searching without quotation marks will usually misled them and send them to porn site pop-up hell!!!!
I like to pride myself in knowing how to find stuff on the Internet. At one of my co-op jobs we played this little game called “How Fast Can Troy Find Information On The Internet”. The rules of the game were such: someone gets an idea about something they want to find on the ‘net, they come to me and say “Hey Troy can you find (insert search required here) for me?” and I say “sure thing”. The timer starts and off I go. If the information was on the internet I could usually find it within 5 or 10 minutes maximum but there is some stuff that can’t be found on the net. I can’t remember any specific searches that stumped me but there were some.
One of the major problems that people have is to know where to start your search. For instance, if I was looking up information about a movie that I would start at the Internet Movie Database which is quite extensive and usually very helpful. For music I usually start at which is a music selling website but can be used to determine tracklists, album chronology, production info etc. For everything else I tend to use since, in my experience, it is the best search engine out there. Thus ends my rant.

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  1. Firda

    I find it amusing how so many people ended up in your page while searching for their mom. They must think you hide their moms somewhere 😛