Smoking – My Sentiments Exactly

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and came upon the Comics section. People who know me know I love the comics section since it doesn’t tend to be about death and depravity and tends to make me laugh. I stumble across this Non-Sequitur cartoon which tends to sum up my thoughts on smoking.
Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of friends who have smoked for a long time and I love them to death. I just wish that they would stop because this is how I view it.

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  1. Firda

    I have no problem with smokers as long as they don’t smoke within 100 meter radius from my coordinate 🙂

  2. that’s exactly how i view it as well. WHY. there are so many other ways to get high that aren’t harmful to one’s health & are cheap. Some are even free (self-induced orgasms, for e.g.?).
    as for smoking as a show of social status (e.g. cigars as opposed to cigarettes – high class), to “fit in” a social circle, to appear “more mature”, blah blah blah, I think that’s just hogwash. If an individual smokes for the above purposes, I’d feel sorry for him/her more than anything else.

  3. btw i like non-sequitur. =)
    Other than Get Fuzzy, which is also in the “Life!” section of our local paper, it’s the only other comic I read. The rest suck.

  4. I just wish that some peoples attitudes towards smoking would change. I understand it is addictive. Isn’t that enough of a reason to try and stop?
    A friend of mine is currently trying to stop. He is using a nicotine patch and had been smoke free for about 2 weeks with no slip-ups. I’m proud of him and I hope that he succeeds in kick the habit.
    The only other friend who has kicked the habit did so after he was really really sick and didn’t want to smoke during while he was sick. After he got better he just didn’t need to smoke anymore.
    Oh and Am. Check out Sherman’s Lagoon. I always thought that this was one of the funnier comics. After Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side 🙂

  5. We have that in Life! too (i.e. Sherman’s Lagoon)… I don’t really like it. =(
    Neither do I like Calvin & Hobbes. =(
    I go for the ones which make a statement, and in a funny way, like Non-Sequitur. =)
    Anyway, re smoking, most people don’t care that they’re addicted. And would you believe, most people smoke because “it’s something to do”. This came out of the horses’ mouths not once but many times. Apparently, people don’t know how else to spend their money or what to do with themselves. So they smoke. Brilliant reason eh?