Tablet PC and me

I am writing this post! Physical writing it, not punching away on keys It’s an interesting experience to actually write a blog entry.
You see. We recently got new laptops at work. These laptops are those new fangled “tablet PCs” (and by new fangled I mean that the technology has been around for years – it’s just new to me). I find physical writing a little more freeing and inspirational that pecking at keys. Reminds me of the many letters I’ve written over the years to open pals, and close friends.
The purpose of this post wasn’t to provide you with anything of substance. It was just an excuse to use the tablet function of this new laptop.
P.S. All spelling and/or grammatical errors are solely the fault of the tablet PC. It’s kind of dumb dontchaknow?

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  1. kaley

    I am SO JEALOUS… Nasser is going to cry when he finds out that you have one! How is it to work on??

  2. Hey! I found your blog while looking up “blue goo” for my 5-year old. Great to hear you’re on Tablet PC. Which one do you have?
    Did you know there’s an ink blogging plugin for Windows Live Writer? Here’s an example of ink blogging in action.
    You can download it directly from Ed Holloway’s blog. For some reason the server was down when I tried it. It should be back up later.
    Well… I’m off to keep hunting for “blue goo”! Cheers!

  3. The Tablet is a Lenovo X61 (basically a IBM Thinkpad). It’s pretty good. Quite small – we have docking stations at work with a monitor and CD/DVD drive. The keyboard is likely my biggest problem with it but that’s just because I’m not use to the positioning of the keys.
    And thanks for commenting Tony 🙂 It’s nice to have the occasional new poster 🙂

  4. Eeep…I would like the drawing aspect, but not writing. I find handwriting physically painful, and basically decided in about grade 5 (23 years ago?) that writing by hand was for suckers or those without computers/typewriters…
    heh…typewriters…forgot about those.