The Day After….

The day after halloween. Firda and I had no trick or treaters, like the last two years, so we didn’t get to try out our fiendish plot. It’s probably for the better.
Someday we will live in a house, which we can decorate, and the kids will come to our place in droves. Someday 🙂

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  1. Yeah, we never get any either. Our house is set waaaay back from the street, and not on a pedestrian-friendly street at all. Oh well. Next year, if it’s not a torrential downpour like it was this year, I’m going to take the kid to the ritzy neighbourhood way up in the hills.

  2. Awww….
    I’m glad we got little rugrats coming to our door.
    I set up the projector in the front window with a spooky screensaver.
    We carved pumpkins on Saturday. Did you guys carve pumpkins? It’s really one of the best parts. If not, you should do it today, even though it’s late.
    We had a decent number of kids. I’m guessing 40-50 kids in total…

  3. We just moved away from across the street from you and into a townhouse. We still only got 6 kids, and that included a group of 3 who live across the way and whose father was welcoming us to the neighbourhood and also my 9 month old niece.
    When I saw durian candies, I was excited, but that’s because I’ve only had durian dumplings where I didn’t have to deal with the smell. They were delicious!

  4. Are you the guy who dumped all the Wired magazines in our mail room? 🙂 If not then someone else moved out of your old apartment and left a bunch of Wired Magazines, books and textbooks all over the place.

  5. We had 77 kids this year, down from 88 last year. Every one was very polite and thanked us for the candy. We carved our pumpkins Sunday, and yes it is one of the best parts. Each year we try to add a little more to our front yard. This year it was some white crosses we placed in the garden for a graveyard. Next year who knows.

  6. loba

    When eventually you have kids come to your door, I recommend giving the kids who don’t dress up the smelly candies. They deserve it.
    I would’ve like to have some to give to the girl who came to our door on her cell phone and a knap sack. Not dressed up.