The Great American Pastime

I was watching That 70’s Show on Fox last night (following the Presidental Address) and during one of the commercial breaks I caught a commercial for a baseball game. I don’t remember who the teams were or when they were playing. All I remember is being in awe at the way they presented it. They tried to make baseball seem exciting but no matter how you cut it baseball is boring. I’ve been to close to a dozen games in my lifetime (at the Toronto Skydome none the less) and most of the time I’m watching the giant TV screen or people-watching. The game is secondary. I didn’t even realize it was going on. Whole innings would pass by with out my knowledge.
I guess I should make a correction on something I said earlier. Baseball isn’t boring. Playing baseball is rather fun. It’s watching baseball that is boring. Now don’t get me wrong. I think watching most sports is boring (unless it is during the Olympics when they actually mean something).
So please Fox. Stop trying to make baseball look more enjoyable than it really is. You’ve already got your loyal fan base and making a commercial for a baseball game look like a commercial for WWE wrestling will not increase the number of people who want to watch the baseball game. It’s just not that interesting 🙂

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  1. Except, I find baseball much more interesting than WWF.

  2. You know, I was forever traumatized by baseball as a kid. My grandmother used to make me go to Dodger games with her, so I could stand in line the whole time and get whatever Dodger logo freebie they would give out to people 14 and under. When I was done with one line, I’d get a little break, she’d get me a malt, then it was back to the grind to stand in another line… Oh the rigours of her version of holiday shopping… I may actually have a topic for today, after all!

  3. And… another thing. I was thinking about auditioning for singing the national anthem for the local team here the other day, but well, the day sort of got away from me. Guess I wasn’t really that traumatized…
    Oh yeah, the last URL link was the wrong one, too. Oops. I’m not Froggie.