The Northern Lights and the First Snow

Firda and I were driving back to Waterloo from my parents place, where the spent the weekend – due to my brother’s wedding which I will blog about in a separate entry. Just before reaching the south end of Kitchener (Kitchener and Waterloo have grown into one big city so once I hit the south end of Kitchener I’m in town until I get to Waterloo) Firda and I noticed something weird in the sky. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that it was the northern lights. At that point I said “We have to get outside of the city to see it clearer”. We headed out of town and parked on a dark stretch of road.
We could see faint lines of light in the night sky, shimmering and very slowly moving. The movement was almost imperceivable but it was there. About 10 minutes after we got there the whole east sky lit up in a golden glow and the lines of light turned into a curtain and the almost imperceivable movement turned into a spasm of shimmering. It was the most amazing thing I have every seen in my life and I was happy that I had the chance to share it with Firda. The glow lasted for several minutes before dying down and eventually the sky returned to normal.
We noticed that another car had pulled over down the road from ours. The vehicle eventually pulled up to where we were and the driver asked if I knew what that light show was all about. I explained to him that it was the northern lights and that I had never seen it like that before but that it was pretty phenomenal. He agreed.
In other news Firda is now enjoying seeing the first snowfall in her life. Indonesia doesn’t really get snow (I guess in the mountains they do but not where people live). I’m not too excited about the snow (since I don’t like driving in it) but I do enjoy how excited Firda is about it. 🙂
Two firsts in 24 hours for Firda – her first view of the northern lights and her first snow fall. It’s been a busy day in the natural world 🙂

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  1. I’ve been trying to find someone who, as an adult, saw the sea for the first time. I want to hear his or her impressions, but i havent been lucky finding such person. Know anyone? I want to write about that experience.

  2. I really feel envy towards you. It hardly can see snow in Shanghai, let alone the northern lights. I’ve heard if someone saw the northern lights, he would be very lucky. 🙂 If you meet it again next time, don’t forget to takes some photos. We are looking forward…