The Past Three Weeks Part 2

This is part two of my entry named “The Past Three Weeks” which I start a week ago so it’s actually part of the “Past Four Weeks” but what can I do about that? Go back and change the title of the last blog entry? This certainly is not 1984 and I am not the Ministry of Information (I think that is what it was called).
Anyways the title of this email should be “The Blog Entry in which the adventures of Firda and Troy are revealed for the dates of August 6th to the 8th in the year 2004”. Once again I will put the story in the extended entry so those who don’t care to read about my life don’t have too 🙂

One of the places that every tourist has to go to when they are in Ontario is Niagara Falls (what with them being a natural wonder of the world). Why I waited so long to take Firda there I have no clue. We decided that the weekend after the cottage weekend would be as good a time as any. Friday night we headed back to my parents place since starting from there cuts the driving time down by around 45 minutes, which means we get to sleep in 45 minutes later.
We headed out for the falls around 9 am Saturday morning. We had decided to go to MarineLand first to see the Beluga and Killer Whales. I hadn’t been to MarineLand in at least a decade and a half so I didn’t remember much about it. Now I remember why I forgot it, because there wasn’t much to remember. Don’t get me wrong. It’s entertaining. The Orcas and Belugas (check Firda’s photolog for a great picture of the Belugas) are amazing, the water show was entertaining, the roller coaster was fun, the deers and bears were fun to watch. It’s just after 3 hours we had seen everything there was to see and walked the whole park. It’s a good time waster but the SeaWorlds I’ve been to in the states kicked MarineLands sorry butt!!!
Following our MarineLand adventure we headed down to the main attraction. Before reaching the downtown I warned Firda that she was about to enter the tackiest town in Canada (at least that I know of) and I believe she was surprised by the tackiness of the place. There isn’t much tackiness around the falls area (it’s actually quite beautiful and it’s understandable why newlywed would want there wedding pictures taken there) but the streets leading to the falls are full of wax museums, spook houses, fun houses, souvenir shops etc.).
As always the falls are spectacular to see in person which I had almost forgotten since the last time I had seen them was my last year of high school, 1996. The trip was kind of spontaneous when SMooSH rounded a bunch of us one winter afternoon and decided to take a trip down to the falls.
We headed back soon after since we were getting tired from all the walking and had dinner at a Chinese buffet in Burlington. I ate so much food that my stomach hurt for the next hour. I’m sure Firda was annoyed by my grunts and groans of gut bursting pain 🙂 We headed back to my parents place and ended up watching two or three movies. I can’t remember all of the movies we watched. I do remember watching 28 Days Later, which was quite good despite the glaring story problems. We also watched a documentary called Capturing the Friedmans, which is a very sad and provoking documentary about a family breaking apart due to criminal accusations. If you get a chance you should see it.
Sunday was a lazy day. I don’t think we did anything. Maybe laundry. Maybe ate some food. Then headed back to Waterloo. Thus are the details of our weekend completed and thus do I return you to regular blogging until I post again. Adieu.

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  1. I remember that trip to Niagara. thems were fun times. Who would have thought going to see the falls at the end of December was a good idea? but it was, yes, it was.

  2. Um, dude. We didn’t watch 28 Days Later and Capturing the Friedmans until after the K&K wedding.
    I think we watched your selected cartoon video (The Cat Came Back, the Logdriver’s Waltz, etc.) the night after our Niagara trip.
    I could be wrong but, as you know, I am 90% of the time right. Yesterday was an exception since it was, after all, Firda Is Wrong Day.

  3. Oh yeah. Your right. The selected National Film Board of Canada cartoons. The past month has melted into one big blob!!!

  4. Yeah, just like the gummi worms…