The Plans Have Been Revised

So the plans have been revised. Firda is now going to be in Canada late Saturday night. She originally thought that it was going to be Sunday night but apparently it is Saturday night. I couldn’t be happier. Now we get to spend two days together before I have to go to work (since I’m still going to take Monday off).
I always find it kind of fascinating that she can fly all the way around the world, which is going to be about 27 hours including flight and layover times, but she will arrive in Toronto only 14 hours after the time she left (Jakarta time). It will seem like 13 hours just never happened, at least according to the sun. I’m sure it will be completely different for Firda. I bet to her it will feel like a million years from the time she gets on the plane to the time she is in Toronto. I really wish that the flight didn’t take as long as it did but I’m also happy because she will be back here very very soon. 35 hours and counting.

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