The TV Guide Game #2 – January 15, 1990

Round #2. Today’s Synopsis comes from January 15, 1990:
“The plight of a friend addicted to heroin sends Vincent on a rampage against an illegal-lab belonging to Gabriel. After the incident, Joe demands that Diana reveal what she knows about Vincent.”
And try to guess it without the help of Google. It’s more fun that way 🙂
Update: I didn’t mean to approve the comments this early but I guess I must have. Kaley (k&n) is the winner of this round. The score currently is Hed (1), Kaley (1). I’ll post a new round later tonight.

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  1. k&n

    Totally ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – too easy! This is a great game though! xoxo K.

  2. Beat me to it.
    Beauty and the Beast