The Wicker Man

I just finished watching the 1973 version of The Wicker Man. I’ve heard good things about this movie and picked it up a couple of months ago. This was long before I heard of the remake.
I was looking forward to a good scary movie, with my comparison being movies like the Exorcist (1973), the Omen (1976) and Rosemary’s Baby (1968). What I got was a pseudo-musical, with a long drawn out storyline. The best part of the movie was the very end, just for the “crap that would suck” factor. I’m not going to give away the end, since some people might want to experience this average movie.
If you are looking for a good scary movie stay away from this one. Otherwise the ending is pretty good, though I don’t know if it is worth the 80 minutes worth of pretty horrible plot/acting to get to it.
What’s your opinion of the movie if you’ve seen it? Let me know.

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  1. At least you get to see boobies.

  2. k&n

    Got to admit – it’s one of my favourite movie stories: the production history is really incredible. I’ve got a few articles on it at home – oops hang on…yeah, I’m geeking out aren’t I? Yer right, it’s not scary but the production history suggests that it was badly edited and even more poorly publicized. Definitely not the thing if yer in the mood for a good scare – unless you find the sight of Christopher Lee jumping about singing ‘scary’ – I did. Not to mention the strange wall-slapping dance performed by Brit Eklund (actually, it was a body double as Eklund was pregnant at the time). Rosemary’s Baby is brill. (I still can’t watch the Exorcist).

  3. The story is okay but I didn’t like the Detective, I didn’t like any of the pagans. The only character who had any substance was Lord Summerisle. I understand that it was cultist so the other people on the island being so 1-dimensional was probably intentional (maybe?). Though the rest of the movie was horrible. The singing was horrible. The end was pretty good, though I wanted to tell him to “kick through the twigs” and I was happy to see him burn. Good times. I think part of the reason I disliked it is due to the fact that I was expecting an edgy horror movie, alternatively the soundtrack is horrendous.

  4. i’ve seen the new one. bah. i was bored and didn’t really get parts of it.