Things I Have Done to Firefox

You know what I think I should do? Start a blog category (if I had categories) called “Things I Have Done to Firefox” which would talk about the issues I’ve had with Firefox.
The two major comments in this category would have to do with the times I’ve screwed Firefox up so I could no longer click on links. This little screw up transformed Firefox from a very useful internet browser to a frustrating exercise in futility. It was easy enough to fix. Shut down Firefox, then go into the Windows task manager and shut down firefox.exe from the process list. Then restart Firefox.
The one screw up I experienced today caused Firefox to not show the current web address in the navigation bar. I could type stuff into the navigation bar and it would take me to the link but if I clicked on anything else the navigation bar would remain the same. It wouldn’t change. This had been going on all day. I even opened up IE and started using it (but I couldn’t handle tabless browsing). I eventually figured out there was another firefox.exe process in the background that hadn’t shut down properly. I fixed that and I’m back to informative navigation bar browsing.
Now I’m not blaming Firefox. For all I know one of the extensions I have installed is causing these issues. Alright then. Enough ranting. Hope you all have a good weekend.

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