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So about curling last weekend. For those of you who know anything about curling you know it’s not really as easy as it seems on TV. Our team consisted of our skip (who has curled for a couple of years), the vice (who just started curling more than once a year this last year), the second (myself who had curled 4 times before this day) and the first (this was her second time curling, her first time was last year at the same event). We actually did alright. The first game was against a couple of professors from the University (which seemed fitting since our team was made up of graduate students). Actually two of the people on the team were my supervisor and the firsts supervisor. We played a great game until the last two ends where there were a couple of screwed up throws so that the final score ended at 10 to 3 for them. I attribute this large spread to one of the accidents that occured where I was sweeping a rock, lost my footing, slipped on the ice and on the way day hit the rock causing it to deviate from it’s path and taking it out of play. It would have been a sweet shot as well.
The second game we played against a team that had only one good player but this player was amazing. It was a see-saw battle with our team making points on 3 of the ends and the other team making points on the other 3 ends. The final score of the game was a 6-6 tie. We could have beaten them but once again we had a couple of crappy shots in the final end.
The charity (Hospice of Waterloo) made a fair amount of money that day with around 16 teams making a minimum of 400 dollars each. I believe that one team made close to 4000 dollars themselves and our team made around 600. It was a fun day and I’m sure I will be playing again next year.

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