Troy Update (Day 7)

Troy here. I was released from the hospital this morning at 11:30. I just had my first proper shower and Firda and I are walking to the pharmacy to get my antibotics.
I will type more in a while.
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. Firda kept me updated.

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  1. Nit

    Glad you’re back and feeling much better now. 🙂

  2. Good to hear your out of the hospital. That alone will do a world of good. Always nice to back in familiar surroundings.

  3. Hello Troy,
    Welcome back. I came here to wish you speedy recovery.
    Also to say that it was a nice pic of yours, posing for Firda in hospital.
    Bye Bye.
    Note: I am building my site so it wont be a nice place to visit for timebeing.

  4. Wow is the best I can come up with….So glad you are better and off the hospital machine! Just take the meds and listen to Firda, OK?