University of Waterloo Blogging

This is just weird. It looks like my university (the University of Waterloo) has set up a couple of official blogging sites for current students. It looks almost like an attempt at promoting the school through creating these sites for a couple of students. I wonder if they are give blogging guidelines? Such as you must blog about the university once a week, everything you say about the university must be positive, you must proofread your entries several times before posting (since entries with grammatical and spelling mistakes are unprofessional and we are a professional school), don’t get too personal, don’t talk about drugs, alcohol or sex etc. Who knows. Maybe I should email them and ask them these questions. Though I’m probably too lazy to do that 🙂
Though I still think this is kind of creepy. Especially how manufactured it looks, particularly the professional looking pictures of the students.

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  1. Firda

    For some reasons they remind me of the weblogs of Barbie and friends.

  2. wickedmonkey

    Hi! This is kinda weird. I had a friend help me set up my blog, and you were one of the links that just randomly showed up, so I decided to check you out. Interesting.
    You can look at mine if you want:

  3. What’s really creepy are those typing fingers. Watch them for a couple of minutes and you’ll understand why.
    And the Barbie blogs are beyond creepy, they are just evil.
    The officially sanctioned UW bloggers are probably quite nice people…but the whole thing seems rather bandwagonish.
    “Well you know, all the young kids these days think blogging is rad, we should show them that we are hip to their jive thing by creating a blog site…”

  4. But what’s with the lack of comments on any of the blogs? I can understand one or 2 of them without, but it’s such a popular feature on blogs that its absence is suspicious.