Wyrd Sisters? More like Stupid Sisters!



Apparently there is a Canadian Band called the Wyrd Sisters (pronounced Wierd Sisters), that are attempting to sue Warner Brothers for using the name “Three Weird Sisters” for a band in one of their Harry Potter movies. (article here).
Thankfully they lost their first lawsuit, and now have to pony up 140,000 dollars to cover Warner Brothers legal costs. Apparently they still have a 40 million dollar lawsuit pending.
My issue is that they believe they came up with the name and that the Harry Potter exposure will harm their band. I think they are a little delusional.
1. According to the wikipedia entry the term “Weird Sisters” is another name for the Fates (in Nordic mythology).
2. The band was formed in 1990, two years earlier (1988) Terry Pratchett wrote a book called “Wyrd Sisters“, which was eventually turned into a cartoon movie. I hope Terry Pratchett sues their asses!
3. The names aren’t even the same!! Dumb idiots!
4. Even though the names aren’t the same Warner Brothers removed the name from the Harry Potter movie in question.
I hope the band losses all of their legal battles and the band ends up homeless, living in the streets. That is the least anyone this stupid should should have to deal with. Idiots.

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