Bulleted Entries

I’ve been wondering lately (by lately I mean for the last 10 hours) what people think about bulleted entries. I mean would you rather listen to my inane narrative about my last weekend or would you like a concise straight to the point sequence of events? I find that when I attempt to write about things I’ve done (i.e. the past weekend) it ends up rambling all over the place. Though when I’m writing about my opinion on something it tends to be pretty good (unless it longer than one paragraph).
Anyways. Let me know.


  1. Hey… I’ll take the story any way you feel like giving it to us!
    I use bullets when I have a lot of little snippets saved up, but prefer narative for everything else because it’s more like “talking” to people.

  2. Do what you’re comfortable with. It’s your blog. I personally like ramblers. Makes me forget about my own sad life. But still. Do what you want to do.

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