A Night With Henry Rollins

I’m going to see Henry Rollins (of Black Flag and Rollins Band fame) speak. He has been doing the spoken-word circuit for more than a decade and tonight he is going to be at my University. I’m really looking forward to the show since I think he is going to be quite humorous but also thought-provoking. I’ve also heard that the show is close to 3 hours long. Seems like a long time but I’m sure I’ll survive! 🙂 I’ll let you know how the show is.

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  1. A few friends went to his show in Edmonton and it sounded fantastic. He told a really moving story about his girlfriend at one point…look forward to that!

  2. Very cool. I’ve always liked Henry Rollins. He seems to have an excellent sense of humor. Make sure and let us know how it is. 🙂