And Like “This” the Weekend Went {poof}. . .

Firda are I are back from visiting my parents over the weekend. The weekend seemed to come and go faster than you can say “fuzzy chunky monkeys”. Friday night we did nothing, other than go out for dinner.
Saturday we took our time getting to my parents place. Did some thrift store shopping, when to the antique market (where we got two working antique cameras for a total of one dollar, which is the cheapest cameras we’ve ever bought). That night Firda, myself and three of our friends went to see the new Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. I really enjoyed it and I think Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did an amazing job. After movies like these I always wondering how truthful the story is. Did Johnny Cash actually tour with Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley? Did Johnny Cash actually share an apartment with Waylon Jennings? Questions like that. Following the movie we went to dinner, hung out and caught up.
Today we went to the “extended family” Christmas party. By extended family I mean second, third and fourth cousins plus great aunts and uncles. It’s funny to think how close my grandparents and my father were with his aunts, uncles and cousins. I believe that part of this came from the fact that they were foreigners in Canada. All of them coming from Belgium to Canada in the late 40’s or early 50’s. They were each others support system. They’d rely on each other. They’d help each other out when it was needed. I’d like to think that they loved and helped my father, uncle and grandfather when my blood related grandmother passed away – it was long before my time, before I was even an thought in my father’s head.
Anyways. As you can see the weekend was busy and went by to quickly. I can only hope the work week flies by as quickly.

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