Are You Alive?

Nikki’s “Are you alive?” comment on my last post made me realize that I should post something to let you all know I am alive.
I have been meaning to post. Please believe me. I’ve just been busy. I was sick over the previous weekend and stayed home from work on Monday due to my illness. It wasn’t a very nasty cold. I had a sore throat, and then a little bit of a sinus cold, then a cough and then I was done – a four day cold – not a big deal. Sadly Firda caught the cold as well and apparently her immune system still doesn’t like fighting Canadian Colds! She is on day 5 or 6, though her fever broke and it’s been reduced to a sore throat and a cough. I hope she doesn’t have a serious throat infection.
Last night I went curling for the first time in more than a year. Our team lost. I think the final score was 11 to 3. Not a big deal. I had fun anyways. I had a good game (and by good game I mean I didn’t fall on my butt).
The past weekend was fun. Firda and I went back to my parents place to do a little cat-sitting. My parents were down in San Andres (a little island in Central America) last week and left the cat at home. We went to the monthly book sale (that I don’t go to ever month but it runs most months) and got a lot of interesting books. Firda, I and a bunch of friends got together for a friends birthday on Saturday night. We had fun, plus I got to play with three fantastic little kids. I just realized that I was sick while I was playing with them – I hope they didn’t catch my cold. Doh!
This weekend will probably be an isolation weekend. Firda needs to get better so it looks like we will be hanging around the apartment until she feels better (or tells me she wants to go out). I have no problem with that. I need to catch up on lost sleep. Yippee!!! Now I get back to work. Hope everyone is good. Have a great weekend.

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