Back from the Holidays

From a quick look over of the blogs that I visit it appears everyone was busy this holiday season. I was no exception. Well except for the fact that I was sick until Christmas day but after that I had things to do and people to see 🙂
Christmas was alright. Nothing special but that’s just because I don’t get too excited over Christmas. New Years was pretty fun as well. Ended up going to a friends place with a bunch of people. It ended up turning into an all-night jam session with people playing drums, piano, bass, mandolin and various other stringed instruments. I’ll probably end up putting up some of the pictures in a couple of days. I also made a capture of about 30 seconds of the jam which I’m going to try and figure out how te change into MP3.
The weather has been crazy for the past two weeks as well. There was a small amount of snow on the ground for Christmas day but it was gone by early afternoon. Then we had rain and two days ago we had a minor thunderstorm. The weather felt like Spring for two days . Then yesterday I got up to Waterloo around 2 pm and by 10 pm the town was covered in snow. Who knows? Who understands? It was nice having Spring like weather for a couple of days in January though.
Well I should get back to work.

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