Begone You Colds! Let Me Be Healthy!

So I’ve caught another cold. I think this time I’m going to ply myself with drugs and just try to get over it. Right now I’m attempting to be a productive member of society and it’s working. A little. So you will understand if I don’t post for a while. You’ll know I’m either sleeping or to irritated by the cold to post anything. I wish I wasn’t sick. I really do.
P.S. It’s freakin’ cold outside! Stupid winter.

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  1. Cold-Eze + Vitamin C + Echinacea.
    Perhaps it’s overdoing it, but since I’ve started with this I haven’t had a really bad cold and had no cold at all for over three or so days.

  2. Smelder

    Best drugs ever:
    For headaches, advil migraine gel caplets.
    For colds and flu and whatever else there is… ELTOR 120s. I swear to god. They sound mean, and they are.