Blogging for the Sake of It

I don’t really have much to say. I’m just blogging so my dear readers don’t think I’m dead and/or don’t care about them. Nothing much has happened since last I posted. I’m so tired. I’ve been getting up relatively early (relative to a graduate student that is) but I haven’t altered the time I go to bed by much. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in, when I wake up I wake up and only I will decide when that is.
I have to proctor a final exam this afternoon. I am a Teaching Assistant (TA) for a course that goes by the name “Introduction to Material Sciences II”. The final exam goes from 2 to 5 pm tonight. This will probably be the last exam I have to proctor, ever again, and the last group of papers I ever have to mark. I like that. I was never really fond of marking. Though I do have to say that the kids in the class this term have been really good with a couple of trouble makers, but nothing major.
I watched the movie Best in Show for the fourth time last night. I always forget how funny that movie is. Fred Willard’s character as Buck Laughlin, the dog show announcer, is one of the highlights of the movie. His character is so inane and funny.

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  1. nikki

    blog on 20-somethings already!! hehe!!

  2. nikki

    troy0–i just wanted to mention some more how much we are alike in our tastes.
    1. little rocket prints
    2. kith
    3. best in show
    have you seen guffman?? now that is the best!!
    where’s a pic of you on here by the way?

  3. Nikki: I have indeed seen Waiting for Guffman. For some reason I liked Best in Show better but I’ve only seen Guffman once.
    And if you want to see a picture of me you can go down to the pictures section at the bottom of the left sidebar. There is one in the curling pictures link. Your so superficial 🙂 Just joking.

  4. nikki

    i am most certainly NOT superficial. and get the usage for “you’re” right mister.
    guffman entertains me because i am in the theatre business and i have seen shows like that. that’s why it’s sooo damn funny to me and my friends.

  5. By far the funniest character in Best in Show is Christopher Guest’s character…

  6. Harlan Pepper (Christopher Guest’s character) is hillarious but I still think Fred Willard takes the cake. His character says the stupidest things. I like wacky humour. The whole movie is gold though.