Canada World Domination

I was just reminded of the Canada World Domination website which outline Canada’s plot to take over the world. I especially enjoyed the hate mail section. I think my favorite points made in the hate mail section are (to which I reply):
“Canada has no resources, everything in Canada, such as your gasoline and iron, come from other countries, most of whom are allied with the United States. ”
No resources? We have clean-water, tonnes of lumber, oil in Alberta, excess electricity to name a few. I’m sure we could survive as a nation without any outside resources.
“As far as I can gather you pretty much leech off of the USA’s abilities and resources”
Then you gather wrong. We have the ability and the resources. It’s too bad a large portion of the ability moves to the states because of the all-mighty dollar.
“There’s going to be 300 million Americans waiting to kill the Canadian species and will most likely be successful.”
I didn’t know Canadian was now considered a species 🙂
“we have lost like no major wars or even small wars against Germany, Britain, USSR, which are powerful countries and you think a weak, dumb semi-country like yourself can stop us.”
Did someone forget Vietnam? I realize that was never classified as a “war” but as a “conflict” but still. Or how about the War of 1812?
There are more but I will end there. Some of the hate mail is pretty funny while some of it is just ignorant (like the couple of excerpts I listed above). I don’t think all Americans believe these things but sometimes your Nationalism (combined with lacking a sense of humour) in certain individuals scares me. 🙂

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  1. I liked this line from one of the US Hatemails…
    “If you didn’t keep funneling in beer to dull our senses we would have invade YOU long before now.”

  2. When the USA realize they have used up all their drinking water resources in, say, Nevada fountains and luxury hotels, or whatever (I believe there should be nothing else than sand and rocks where Las Vegas stands today), they will have to find water somewhere.
    Then will they declare war on Canada.