Extra Long Weekend

Once again I went home this past weekend and while I was there I decided to take an extra long weekend, which explains in part my absence on Monday. I really would have posted if I were around.
So the weekend was alright. Saturday night I went to a music recital that a friend was putting on. It was entitled “A Night at the Opera” and she sang about 11 songs in total. It was quite amazing. Before each song she explained what opera the song was from, what happened in the opera and what the song was about. She ended up singing 4 Italian songs, 4 French songs and 3 English. Though I should have to say my favorite song of the evening was “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” which she did as an encore so it wasn’t in the program and wasn’t expected 🙂
On Sunday I proctored my brother’s girlfriends final university exam. If everything went well and I’m sure it did, she will be able to graduate after this exam. Ended up watching Lord of the Rings as well.
Then on Sunday night I decided to take Monday off. My supervisor is gone for a couple of weeks and I thought I needed a break so I took one. Now I’m back and it’s stinking hot and humid and I wish that the cooler weather we had last week would come back but I know it won’t and I’m bitter about that 🙂

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  1. Firda

    Stop being bitter. Autumn is coming soon. I’m probably the only person in the world who still uses the word ‘autumn’ instead of ‘fall’. But ‘autumn’ is such a cute word. Autumn, autumn, autumn!!!
    By the way, remind me to give you the code to prevent your weblog posts from disappearing before you disappear next month. I noticed that your posts are disappearing if you don’t post for several days. It probably doesn’t bother you, but seing your weblog being empty next month would be kind of depressing for me 🙂