Friday Five – Feb. 20th, 2004

Friday Five. Once again. Not the most interesting one but it’s content none the less 🙂
When was the last time you…
1. …went to the doctor?
I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone in for a checkup or for something illness related. I did go to health services on campus to get a flu shot in December which I guess counts.
2. …went to the dentist?
That’s been between one to two years. I know I know. Oral health is important but when a trip costs you 100 to 150 dollars and it’s all coming out of your pocket you learn to take care of your teeth on your own.
3. …filled your gas tank?
Two weeks ago today when I went to my parents place. I haven’t done much driving around since then and I still have half a tank. My car has relatively good fuel efficiency and a large gas tank.
4. …got enough sleep?
Who knows? When I was a baby. Though they’ll be time enough for sleeping when I’m dead. 🙂
5. …backed up your computer?
In December I backed up the important files, like my resume and weblog backups. Now I have a backup system. I’m planning on doing it at least one every three months. Though I constantly burn stuff off of my machine. Too bad I’m usually downloading at the same time so the net movement of files off the machine tends to be equal too or less than the movement of files onto my machine.

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  1. While I was thinking randomly to make sure that boredom didn’t kill me, I came up with a very original name for your car: Troymobile. I am so proud of myself.