Hot Chocolate – Disco Dancing

I was bored last night and while random link clicking I found some disco dancing instructions for a move called the Hot Chocolate. Being as bored as I was I thought “Hey that would be pretty cool if I could animate it – kind of like a flipbook”. So that is what I did. I also think this proves that the 1970s was a waste of a decade (I only joke I know we wouldn’t be where we are musically without disco).
Now I present to you the animated wonders of the Hot Chocolate!! (Warning: the file size is close to 1 meg – you have been warned).
(Pictures manipulated from!)

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  1. Make me a video of you doing the dance, please pretty please with sugar on top? 🙂

  2. Yeah! That would be fantastic! Gots to love the disco… Where did you find those people? They are hilarious!