Happy Day After Canada Day

Happy Day After Canada Day to all you Canucks that read my website! I’m sitting at work right now really wishing I wasn’t here. Having a non-floating holiday kind of sucks and next year it will suck even more when the holiday is on a Wednesday. I want a long weekend!!! Jerks 🙂
So I took Firda out to see Fireworks last night. I’m sure she will post the pictures on her blog when she gets around to officially making the site live. She took a bunch of fireworks pictures. I haven’t seen how they turned out yet but I’m sure they look great. As soon as the fireworks started she was photgraphing every burst and explosion. I told her to slow down since the finale was going to be the best part of the show. She then asked me “How do you know when it is the finale?” and I replied “When they start shooting large numbers of fireworks into the air at the same time”. Ten minutes later they did just that and it was actually one of the most spectacular finales I’ve ever seen.
Overall it was a nice day. A little too warm for my liking but it does mean I can go home this weekend and swim in our pool. Sweet! Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July to all the American readers.

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  1. Actually, only about half a dozen of all the pictures I took are showing the fireworks. The rest is mostly just black. Late shots. Both the camera and I are kind of slow.